Caleb Stanley and Austin Dennis grew up on the southside of Atlanta, but didn’t meet until they each realized that they had a common vision. They wanted to unite Atlanta’s young adults in one place, giving them an alternative to the pain and the hopelessness that many face daily.  In January of 2012, a mutual mentor had been telling them individually that the two had to meet. At 1:30am, Caleb recognized Austin’s truck while driving directly behind him.

Caleb flashed his lights to get Austin to pull over and introduced himself.“Hey man, my name is Caleb Stanley. I heard you wanted to start a ministry—so do I.”

From that day on people have been joining hands to fight for the only real alternative that gives lasting hope. The Alternative is more than a brand, more than an event, and more than the people attending. The Alternative is a lifestyle.


Since January of 2012, this growing group has decided to take a leap.  They have dared to be different and listened to the call that God has placed in their hearts. The mission was not another church, but something bigger. There is more to this life than what this world has to offer—there is an Alternative way of living. These young men and women are paving the way for a generation that they love and are fighting for by igniting the local church with a passion for Christ through love, worship and discipleship, all of which are based on biblical truths. The Alternative exists to unite communities and amplify hope.  Whether you've heard about us on the radio, had friends come worship with us, or maybe you just came across our site, there's a reason for it and we are glad you are here! Now is the time to jump on board, live the Alternative life, and get involved. 

The Alternative is about thinking differently.  Doing differently.  Taking less traveled roads.  Creating your own path.  Taking paths of great resistance.  And actually making a difference in the lives around us … and the world at large. We are more than a brand or a movement, we are not just about events and apparel. We are not a Sunday church or a music group that does concerts, we are people.  People who are desperate for God to move in our schools, workplaces and families. People with dreams that require the power and backing of community. We believe in unity but not at the sake of watering down truth. We live, exist and dream for the name of Jesus. The is who we are.


Our story


March 16, 2012

The First Ever Alternative Gathering.


January of 2013

The Alternative starts moving event locations every month to better establish as a para-church ministry. Crossing denominations and racial divides was big for us, even in the beginning.

Preaching at trinity .jpg

Fall of 2014

The Alternative announces a season of rest.


October 14, 2016

The Alternative announces it's re-launch.

untitled shoot-0204.jpg

February 11, 2017

The Alternative moves to the Newnan Centre after outgrowing the Train Depot. 400+ in attendance. 


AUGUST 19, 2017

After 1500+ showing up, The Alternative adds a second service to house everyone just 20 minutes before starting..


Spring of 2013

The Alternative continues to grow as it moves from church to church in the Newnan and Peachtree City areas. 


August 0f 2016

Planning begins again.


January 14, 2017

The Alternative holds first gathering of 2017. Over 300 in attendance.


June 24, 2017

The Alternative holds final gathering at the Newnan Centre before big move. 750+ in attendance.


January 27, 2018

The Alternative launches in Newnan's biggest venue at Unity Church.