"I have watched the hand of God sweep over these people in an amazing way. They are reaching churched, and the un-churched alike. We have not even begun to see what God is going to do through this ministry." - Tim 


“Welcomes all types of people.”

"I was told about The Alternative by my mother who works with 92.5 the Bear. She has hosted you guys twice now. I attended The Alternative event on Saturday November 16th. I just wanted to say that it was excellent. I brought two of my friends, one of them is a Christian and one is their questioning faith. The one who is questioning their faith told me that she loved The Alternative and wanted to go to everything hosted by you guys. The other friend also enjoyed the event and will keep attending. Thank you for creating a place that welcomes all types of people at different places in their walk! It was an excellent event! Keep doing what you are doing because it is bringing people closer to God."

- M | Kennesaw Ga

“So excited to serve.”

"I am so excited when helping with The Alternative. You guys are about the best group of people I know . So grounded in The Lord!"

- L | Newnan Ga

“I was losing hope.”

"A few years ago I was losing hope in the next generation of kids growing up. Sure, I knew a few good kids out there, but not many. Seems like there were (and sadly still are) reports of kids getting in trouble with the law, getting involved with drugs and alcohol, and other issues that can destroy lives.

About a year and a half ago I heard about two young men cutting the grass of a friend who was suffering with cancer. I was impressed and decided to find out more about these guys. Come to find out, they were also involved with something called "The Alternative". I had no Idea what it was, but after following them on Twitter, I started to understand what it was and what a love for Christ these young people involved with The Alternative have. It was refreshing to see young Christians creating an environment where they could invite their friends to come and experience Christ in a new and relevant way.

Not just restoring my faith in the next generation, The Alternative has encouraged me in my own faith. Thank you!"

- I | Newnan Ga

“Changed the way I worship.”

"I’m from Wichita, Kansas, I heard about The Alternative through Twitter. I started following Caleb Stanley because I really enjoyed what he was tweeting. I saw how he and others were talking about The Alternative all the time. I asked Caleb about it, it really got my attention. All I wanted to do was come to The Alternative. I decided I was going to come no matter how far or how expensive it was.. I prayed and I asked God to allow me the opportunity. It happened to fall on the spring break week here in Kansas. I felt God had something special for me there, but I didn't know what it was. I went ahead and bought my $500 plane ticket to Atlanta. Once I got to Atlanta they all welcomed me and made me feel like if I was at home! I had the opportunity to witness the setup and the tear down. I saw how much they prepared and how they wanted to make this experience unforgettable, not just for me but for everyone coming.

 Finally the moment came, 7pm March 23, 2012, the doors were opened and I saw the excitement and passion in everyone's eyes. We couldn't wait to see what God was going to do. The worship experience changed the way I worship God. It was powerful, full of God's glory and love. The Lord knew what I needed was a restart, and that's exactly what I received at The Alternative. That night completely changed my life. I was filled with His presence, with His love and mercy once again. Everyday I pray that God will do what he is doing in Atlanta, GA here in Kansas."

- Z | Wichita Kansas

“I walked out with a changed heart.”

"In January of this past year, my friend invited me to my first Alternative. I went in not really expecting anything! I walked out with a changed heart and a yearning for God that I had never felt before... It was such an overwhelming feeling and I knew that my life was drastically about to change. I started going every month. I was listening to the lessons and testimonies. I tried to start getting my family to go to church again. No, we didn't go every Sunday but it was a step for all us. I started to go to these Christian events, ready to start letting God into my heart. I recently started my freshman year at Kennesaw State. I decided that if I'm going to start this God thing I was going to go all in. I found a church to go to on Sundays and I've been going to their college ministry on Thursdays. I found a bible study group on campus that meets on Wednesdays. For the first time ever I've been understanding what I've read in the bible. It's been such an incredible journey to start taking my faith into my own hands. I don't know where I would be if i had not stepped into those doors of The Alternative. The love and support of you guys has been incredible! Ya'll have truly helped change my life and I just want to say thank you guys for what you do!"

- S | Senoia GA


"In the fall of 2012, an event we put on at Crossroads Church every year called Thrive was quickly approaching. As the technical director for Xtreme (Our Middle School Ministry Mid-Week service), I helped set-up, program, and execute the event. The event itself was not that complicated, it was just the pre-service programming that had to be done. For this event, we had a new lighting console installed in the venue we used, and our lighting director, Paul, taught me how to use it. While I did not do lights for Thrive, it would be my responsibility to program and run a lighting show during Xtreme from that point forward. I did not expect to become a pro at it quickly, as it seemed pretty complex. Towards the end of Thrive, Caleb Stanley started telling us about an event coming up next weekend called The Alternative, and it was being hosted in the Hangar. I mentioned to him about the new lighting console, and how no one really knew how to operate it besides Paul, and he would not be able to make it to The Alternative. Caleb pointed to me and said, “What about you? Can you do it?” and I struggled to respond with something like, “I mean, I have no clue what I am doing, but I can give it a shot.”. So, that week passed, and The Alternative got here, and I ended up doing lights for the event, and learned a lot in the process. Little did I know that from that point forward I would be involved in a ministry so far beyond anything I could’ve imagined. Since I did lights for that one month for The Alternative, Caleb asked me if I’d like to do it again the next month, and I agreed. And then he said, “You can be our official “lights” guy and take the job every month, if you’d be interested.” I was so interested in it. I ended up becoming committed to this ministry not only every month, but really every day. Over the course of the next year, I learned (and we all learned, really) what producing an event like this really meant. The Alternative gave me more than just a place to come put on a worship night once a month, or a place to feel accepted. The Alternative gave me the best family and team I could ask for. The Alternative made me feel like I was a part of something bigger than just me, or bigger than just Crossroads, or Newnan. Because this “something” had meaning. This “something” impacted more than just one ministry, or one group of people, but multiple ministries from multiple churches, and many different people from all walks of life. I could not have looked back and told someone that I’d ever be a part of something this real, and this alive. It just didn’t seem like something that was possible for me, to be a part of something that was this good. I look forward to helping produce many more events with The Alternative, as we learn and grow together, and as we reignite not only a generation, but this generation, and all generations to come."

-J | Sharpsburg Ga / Sydney Australia


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