These are beginning days. 

Next Gathering - 11.18.17


Awakening Dreams. Uniting Communities. Amplifying Hope. 


Our Story

We are walking in the prayers of those who have gone before us. Check out our beggining days and look forward as we continue to step in faith.

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Stats are powerful but stories change us. From first timers to community leaders, come and see what God is doing in this community.

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From our monthly gatherings, to team nights, this content is created to encourage and inspire you.  Listen, watch and be inspired.   

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Young and old travel from all over to be a part of what God is doing. Reserve your tickets and find more information about our events here. 

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It started around a bonfire,

Now it's reaching a nation.

Many people see the stage and they hear the music, but The Alternative started much smaller. 


You matter in this story


Whether you are an artist or a business leader, a student or a mother, we want your help.

There are several places you can serve on our volunteer team, we call it our Love Team.  Join today to find out about volunteer gatherings and information. Help us love this community.


Apparel, it's more than a brand, it's a lifestyle. 


Behind The Scenes

less of the platform, more of the struggle.


Many of you see the stage and hear the messages but we wanted to show you the other side. Less of the platform, more of the struggle. From loading in to adding a second service and everything in between, enjoy this behind the scenes look the August Alternative gathering.