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The Alternative: Awaken Your Dreams, Unite Your Community and Live in Hope focuses on the big issues in life: friendship, dating, anxiety, self-esteem, faith, and the future—to name a few. Caleb Stanley and Austin Dennis, cofounders of The Alternative, bring together inspirational voices such as Jefferson Bethke, Luke Lezon, Chelsea Crockett, Masey Mclain, John Luke Robertson and many more to tackle tough issues with honesty and transparency.

Based on the core principles of The Alterative movement, Caleb and Austin inspire readers to awaken their dreams, to unite communities in today’s tumultuous world, and to amplify hope in themselves and the people around them.

When you pre-order the book, send your proof of purchase to TheAlternativeBook@harpercollins.com and receive a 7-day guided journal and 7 days of devotionals from Caleb and Austin!

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 By awakening dreams, uniting communities and amplifying hope, The Alternative is reaching both churched and unchurched communities alike. Meeting in the south Atlanta area, The Alternative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that partners with the local church to see generations and cultures come together to experience and encounter the hope of Jesus.